Friday, September 30, 2016

Tommy - Irumi March Custom Blythe Doll

Finally she's finished and ready to play (✿ ♥‿♥) Tommy is Tomoko's nickname. She is an energic and active girl. Her favourite activity is playing at the woods, climbing on a trees. She has scar on one of her eyebrows after one day she fall down from a tree. She loves animal, specialy woodland animals (her bestfriends are Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear).

Tommy (Tomoko).
- Custom # : 3
- Base : Factory Blythe
- Birthday : September 27th
- Usual customisation
- 2 new eyechips (grey and purple), 2 stock eyechips (grey and purple)
- Hat
- Dress
- Petticoat
- Handmade shoes

For adoption at : October 5th 2016 via Etsy (international) or Tokopedia (Indonesia).
Adoption fee : US$205 (doesn't include EMS/standard shipping fee to anywhere in the world from Indonesia, free shipping for local buyer).

~ Irumi March on Instagram

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